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Impressions of Evvia (Euboia), Greece

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The land between Korinthos and Nafplion, in the North Eastern corner of the Peloponnesos, can rightfully be considered the historical core of continental Greece. Location names like Mykines, Argos, Tiryns and Assini are mentioned by Homer in his Iliad and refer to a bronze age civilisation, much older than the Mycenaean King Agamemnon's legendary siege of Troy; Greek mythology would be told differently if Herakles had not been from Tiryns and if he had not slain a monstrous Lion in yet another Argolid city close-by, Nemea; classical Greek theatre would not have reached us with the same splendour if it had not been for the performances at early Hellenistic Epidavros; the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire and throughout Europe, would definitely have developed quite otherwise if Paul had not come to teach the Corinthians; the fortresses

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