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Impressions of Greece

The myth of Europa says it all: Europa, a Phoenician princess 'with beautiful eyes' abducted to Crete by Zeus, master among the Olympian Gods, disguised as a bull. Or the mythological translation of the advanced culture from the Levant being brought to the continent that took its name from the princess. Culture is a continuum to which no people, no force, no era can claim monopoly; but what the Greeks of Antiquity contributed and added to their heritage of culture and society, is unique on all accounts: a philosophy centred on the human individual's development, rights and merits rather than on his mere submission to the collective interest, science driven by an open mind of curiosity, the desire to establish political participation instead of absolutism, the inspired free expression of art in literature, handcraft and architecture. One by one cornerstones of modern Western civilisation and values.

Our Impressions of Greece show that it is indeed all there for us today to explore, along with the subsequent Byzantine and Ottoman heritage and influence on the country's identity, and along with the validation that Greece nowadays is a solid part of Europe's core.

Add the natural beauty of Hellas, idyllically surrounded by island dotted seas, cleaved by snow capped mountain ranges, blessed with a sunny climate and extraordinary luminosity, and it becomes clear why we dedicate to it several pages of focused Impressions. So, here you go.

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