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Impressions of Attica (Attiki), Greece

It's awkward in an English text to speak about 'Attiki' and 'Athina', so as a matter of exception to the rule we have as much as possible observed throughout these pages on Greece, we will refer to the large promontory surrounding Athens as Attica. Name references which everybody recognises and knows, because they are at the very core of ancient Greek culture and civilisation. The density of things to be visited, studied and considered, is such that it would be madness to try to encompass Athens and the Attican surroundings in one single report. The choice has therefore been made for the present page to focus on the entire region of Attica, …. except the capital city itself, more or less ordered clockwise, beginning West of Athens, travelling back and forth through time, from Antiquity to the Crusaders and back to Byzantium; travelling back and forth also from sanctuaries and churches to silver mines and marble quarries and from there to Royal and German military cemeteries. The absolute diversity of a region where life and living has always been inspired, fast, intense and creative, yesteryear like today, in Attica, willingly or unwillingly falling in line with the antics and rhythms of its Athenian heart.

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