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Impressions of the Athenian Museums, Greece

Greek culture is about much more than Athens, but it can all be found in Athens, in its unequalled wealth of museums. Dedicating a separate website page to these museums merely recognises that it would be a pity, an injustice and an insult to art and culture to present these temples of art as just one of the 'curiosities' to dart by on a flash visit to Athens. Athenian museums obviously mirror the historical evolution of Greek civilisation and art and therefore constitute an excellent guidance to any visit of any part of Greece, as long as the intentions are not solely focused on sea and beach, wine, ouzo, mousaka and syrtaki. Believe me, the dive into the warm waves of the Aegean, the dish of mousaka with in the background the catchy rhythms and surprising bouzouki accords in the repertoires of Theodorakis and Tsitsanis are all the more enjoyable after a few hours of discovery of what the uniqueness of this country is really about, its culture, the cultural inheritance of Western civilisation. So, if Greece is indeed not Athens, Athens embraces all Greece in its wonderful and many museums. Grab the opportunity, and let this website humbly guide you, for starters, from Attica to Crete, from the Peloponnesos to the Cycladic islands and Rhodos, from the distant Antiquity of 5 millenniums ago to modern times. Enjoy, discover, understand, and then, yes, grab a square of mousaka, dance the syrtaki on the tunes of Theodorakis and so many others, and do not forget to raise your glass of chilled wine to celebrate the proud origins of this place.

Before 1100 BC
1100 - 479 BC
5th century BC
323 BC - 330 AD
330 AD - 18th century
from 1800s
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