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Impressions of Achaia, Ilia and Arkadia, Greece

Achaia, Ilida, Arkadia. The names do not even ring a bell with all people who have travelled to Greece before. But say 'Olympia' and everybody knows: the Olympic Games. Olympia is indeed an unbelievably fascinating place, in the district of Ilida, by the way. But this North-Western and Central part of the Peloponnesos has so much more to offer. The Apollo temple of Vassae is spectacular and would even be more so if it had not been illegally stripped of its friezes in the 19th century and if it had not been wrapped under a giant tent. Be nice to yourself and invest some time in exploring the robust Arcadian mountain villages of the Central Peloponnesos, full of character, often near archaeological sites which tell captivating stories, enjoy the spectacle of the mountain scenery of gorges and valleys, with cliff-edge monasteries of a thousand years old. And may this report also be a contribution so ferry passengers arriving in Patras do no longer all rush past the brilliant archaeological museum of that city.

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