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Impressions of Myanmar

No shortage of pagodas and Buddhist monuments in Myanmar. And to make the feel of spiritual serenity complete: everywhere silent, contemplative monks, draped in their ruby, orange, pink or white dresses, neatly according to gender, age and religious status. At the time of visit in 2004, Myanmar monks were not showing off their smartphone while hurriedly crossing the inner courts of their monastery, as we have seen elsewhere. Authenticity! Burma became Myanmar, Rangoon became Yangon, but traditions remained traditions, and craftsmen did not forget their trade of paper making, wood carving, lacquerware and so many other things which, together, give this land a creative soul, a captivating uniqueness. Combine this with welcoming and friendly people, ancient Buddhist architecture, a green nature of rivers, lakes, palm rimmed coastlines and gentle hill country, … and you are all set for a formidable experience called Myanmar.

Before visiting the place of your choice:

Back to the Ocean, on the Southern coast of Myanmar. While walking on the beach of Thadwe one wonders whether paradise can be any different, the gentle waves of the sea playing a slow and sleepy rhythmic game with the white sand of the beach, high palm trees waving their shadow over some thatched houses on the edge of the beach,.... how different can paradise on earth be? Well, yes, but ask the local fishermen, what they think. For them and their families life on the beach is not so idyllic, but at least it is simple and unstressed, as each day they take to the sea hoping for calm seas and a good catch. In the late afternoon they return to the beach, as the entire village of women, elderly and children awaits the boats, to get onto their part of the job: unloading the crates and piles, sorting, cleaning and selling the catch of fish, shrimp, crab and squid, as if in an automated process of collective effort, everybody exactly aware of his and her task.

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