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Impressions of Kuwait

Kuwait is not really what one automatically associates with travelling and exploring. The country being small in surface, associated with the ugly Gulf Wars of 1990 and 2003 and with oil wells rather than with fancy attractions, one tends to presume that Kuwait has very little to offer its visitors. Really? Let's not jump to conclusions. For, if not many people have an idea what on earth there is to see in Kuwait City, even fewer have ever heard of the island of Failaka, and still fewer know that there are fascinating archaeological sites to visit on this island, taking one back to the Dilmun Bronze Age and to Alexander the Great. Agreed, you do not need weeks to get around in Kuwait, but it is rewarding to check out the elegant Kuwait Towers and the colourful suqs, to visit the museums the Iraqis have omitted to plunder and one should not miss the opportunity to go and say hello to the Hellenistic settlers of Alexander the Great in the vestiges they have left behind.

Before visiting the place of your choice:


The Central Fish Market is near the Dhow Harbour and the Sharq neighbourhood. Not much has really changed here over decades and centuries, piles of last night's catch waiting for customers, vendors shouting and competing for patrons.

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