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Impressions of Greenland

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Since several years the idea of visiting Greenland had been playing in my head. The fascination with icebergs and glaciers, with places sufficiently off the beaten track to have something adventurous. I first started planning in February 2018 for the coming summer, only to notice that, actually, I should have made certain bookings quite a bit earlier. So, I put off the plan to the next year, to July 2019. Ferry transfers, long solitary hikes, plane rides and boat excursions to the phenomenal icy landscapes hidden in fjords and bays: all worked out marvellously, and here are some impressions. I am just sorry the pictures taken from the little boats silently floating in front of a huge iceberg or glacier, cannot fully revive the magic of the surrounding serenity and silence, only disrupted by the blow of a humpback whale, the cracking of a moving ice mass or the distant, rumbling collapse of an ice cave on the flank of an iceberg as high as an apartment block.

Before visiting the place of your choice:

Narsarsuaq International Airport. Sounds like something big, right? Well, the big thing about it is not in the airport itself, but in the last overflight of the icecap that reaches with its white fingers into the blue expanse of the Arctic Ocean, dotted with icebergs that will slowly drift off to the South until they melt. The adieu to Greenland is grand, even from what must be the tiniest of world's tiny international airports.

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