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Impressions of Paris, France

Umbria is probably one of the least known and least visited regions in Italy. And that is a great pity, because nowhere is the authenticity so deeply baked into the character of the cities and villages, robust, at times mystical, invariably located on top of a majestic hill with an unimpeded view over the green plains and gently rolling landscapes of Umbria. A region of natural beauty, a region that had tremendous influence on culture and religion, with cities like Assisi, Perugia and Orvieto; a region also that connects the dots of history and gives material answers to the question what was before the Romans and what was after them: the traces of the Etruscan civilisation, present in these lands half a millennium before the Romans realised the power of their society; the awkward entanglement of the Umbrian free cities, caught in the middle of a vicious power struggle between the Holy Roman Empire of Frederick I and his Germanic descendants, and the Popes who often busied themselves more with territorial ambitions than with the exegesis and teachings of Christianity.

Pour yourself a glass of Sagrantino red wine, and wash down the little cuts of local salume and salsiccia, from Norcia, the best in Italy, lean back and discover Umbria.

Before visiting the place of your choice:

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