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Impressions of West and Central Greece

It's stretching geography a bit to bring together into one single story the entire central area of Greece, from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean. But it allows us to present you with an unequalled cross-section of what this country stands for and what it has to offer, from the ancient sites of Delphi and the less known ones in the West, in Aitolo-Akarnania to the absolute highlight of Byzantine creation, the monasteries of Meteora, all the way to the beauty of nature and the simple and robust villages of the Pilion peninsula in the East. And along with that we also pick up some windfall insights: were we well aware that the oldest known Neolithic settlements in Europe are to be found near Volos? And did we know why St Christopher is sometimes depicted on frescos with a dog's head? Did we ever consider that ancient Greek athletes had a far more busy schedule than just the Olympic Games every four years? Would we have known that some icons can fly if we had not visited the Monastery of the Theotokos Myrtias near Lake Trichonida? The answers are here. Have fun.

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