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Impressions of Germanic Switzerland

For those who thought that Switzerland is only about political neutrality, peace talks, watches and cheese, a trip around the numerous medieval townships of German speaking part of the country, will definitely be a mind-changer. Foreign occupation, power struggles between lords, kings and cities, religious differences heating up people to persecution and manslaughter, it’s all part of Swiss history, just like anywhere else in the world. The uniqueness of Switzerland is rather in nature, in the bucolic Alpine landscapes of mountains, steeply rising meadows with cows, farms and wooden chalet houses, in the strings of lakes and rivers dotting the lower parts of the valleys. And, yes, of course, there is also the modernity of industrial life, business, finance and the stock exchange of the country’s largest city, Zürich, but even there, the lake and the horizon of high mountain peaks grant the city a delicate natural perspective, resolutely reaching beyond the urban pollution of noise, traffic and concrete.

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